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Hartland Youth Lacrosse (HYL) was founded in 2002 to meet Livingston County’s growing interest in lacrosse.  HYL is a non-profit community based lacrosse program focused on player development, proper lacrosse fundamentals, team play, discipline, positive sportsmanship and a tangible sense of community.  HYL’s program is offered in a competitive, family oriented setting for young men and women.

As a community based organization HYL is proud to support our players' development with coaches that are passionate about learning and teaching the game themselves and from our community. Coaching is an excellent way to help grow our young athletes into strong players and members of our lacrosse and Hartland community, as well as a way to learn more about the sport itself.   HYL is passionate about fostering the development of both players and coaches and plans on supporting coaches by assisting with educational opportunities.

HYL offers opportunities ranging from Instructional level to 8th Grade, Spring and Summer teams, and off season lacrosse clinics.  HYL has garnered respect from programs both in and out of Michigan based on strong play and consistent sportsmanship.  HYL teams schedule games and tournaments that allow for high level competition and experience.

HYL welcomes your interest and is always open to discussing your lacrosse options.

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